SeaDoo 2002 GTX 4-TEC Operator’s Manual

Engine Compartment Light 2. Removable Stern Light not shown 4. Changing Room Ceiling Light 6. Navigation Light Switch Dots besides shifting position 2. Arrow on shifter Shifter A 3-position lever: Using the accessory jack Starting and Stopping for a prolonged time without engine running may discharge the battery. Close protective cap when Engine exhaust fumes contain car- jack is not in use to protect against bon monoxide CO which can ac Switches and gauges are lit 8 Boarding Light Switch when navigation lights are turned on.

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I am seriously considering the 18 Rage, trying to arrange a trial soon. The one I’m looking at has the , and trimmable jet, mooring cover, ShoreLand’r trailer. Someone traded it in to a dealer in Michigan, dealer doesn’t know jack about it or Whalers , even how to run it. They are asking 13,

View and Download SeaDoo GTX 4-TEC operator’s manual online. GTX 4-TEC. GTX 4-TEC Boating Equipment pdf manual download. Also for: Gtx 4-tec, Gtx 4-tec series.

Any time you take your Sea-Doo out into salt water, you’ll want to flush the engine out afterwards with fresh water to prevent the salt water from collecting and damaging the engine. This is especially important when you’re about to place your Sea-Doo in storage for the winter months. Unscrew your Sea-Doo’s drain plugs. Locate the Sea-Doo’s water injection port by consulting your owner’s manual. Depending on the model of your Sea-Doo, the port will likely be either in the rear back corner, inside the jet pump area or under the hood in the front of the vehicle.

Turn the water off to your garden hose. If you force water into the Sea-Doo with the engine off, it will cause hydro-lock.

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Should I hook up to the incoming water main or to a hose bib? You should hook up almost all sprinkler systems to the incoming water main to provide adequate water supply. Only very small systems for a small garden can be operated effectively from a hose bib. Where should I connect my system to the incoming water main? Hook up your sprinkler systems to the incoming water main after your meter.

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New innovations make watering so much easier, and help keep hoses from cracking and leaking. Save money on your water bill and conserve water with nozzles and watering devices designed to prevent wasted water. Hoses range from vinyl to rubber or a combination of both.

For die-hard gardeners, the Liberty Garden hose cart lets you four-wheel around your outdoor space with the hose. Just wheel the cart up to the spigot, hook up the hose and go. Just wheel the cart up to the spigot, hook up the hose and go.

Unfortunately, most people do not understand the harmful effects of saltwater on their motors and fiberglass bodies. Flushing your engine after every ride is a good way to prevent clogging the water passages inside your engine. Salt water is especially corrosive, but fresh water is still filled with unfiltered debris that can affect the water flow in your engine. SBT carries flush kits that you simply attach to your garden hose to get the unwanted water out. Following are the steps you should take to flush out your personal watercraft: After removing your PWC from the water, wash off its exterior thoroughly with fresh water.

Make certain that no salt water remains on the PWC. Spend extra time washing out the jet nozzle, reverse gate, impeller, and ride plate. Always allow the engine to cool down completely before flushing. Flushing a hot engine can cause damage to your cylinders.

SeaDoo 2002 GTX 4-TEC Operator’s Manual

Rear Storage Basket engine cut-off cord Front and Rear 2. Always disconnect safety operational. Release immediate- the speed of the watercraft to approx- ly after engine is started. Al- ways ensure the path behind is clear of objects and persons including children playing in shallow water.

Just hook up a hose. It’s that easy! Just hook up a hose. It’s that easy! Face it, filling and scrubbing tanks is the worst! Luckily, there’s an easy solution from Classic Equine by Ritchie. Just hook up a garden hose to EZ-FOUNT and give your horseaconstant supply of fresh, clean water. And, it’s portable so move it wherever and.

One hose accidentally got left out all winter, while another hose got crushed when someone ran it over… I could go on and on. But luckily for me, a bit of internet research yielded several results! Leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and your response could be featured in a future blog post! The tight squeeze means that I have to be really careful when pulling into the garage, and when opening my car doors. But I recently discovered that a garden hose can help protect my car from the hazards of our small garage!

Use screws to secure a short length of garden hose to points where your car might make contact like in front of the bumper and where the doors open. The hose will act as a cushion between your car and the garage walls, minimizing damage to both. Soaker Hose You can turn an old hose into a soaker system for watering your garden!

SBT Flush Kits

Made from one piece of solid brass, this garden hose splitter is durable and built to last. The adapter features levers that selectively turn the water flow through each valve on and off and a swivel connector that is designed to connect to a standard spigot or hose. The levers on each side are also made from solid brass not cheap plastic, which can break easily and are coated with a thermo plastic rubber overmold which allows you turn water on and off without the need for tools.

The swivel connector is also covered with a thermo plastic overmold for easy gripping and turning. If you have purchased a garden hose splitter from Red Earth Naturals on Amazon, click on y hose connector to sign up to get your copy of this complementary ebook. As with all solid brass products, there is a tiny percentage of lead used to make the product, so it is intended only for outdoor use.

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Fuel System Ratings Explained Fuel System Basics Whether idling through the no-wake zone or cruising across the bay at full throttle, any engine relies on a steady stream of clean fuel. Selecting the appropriate fuel components is easy when armed with a little knowledge of the engine requirements. Engine size mainly determines the size of fuel components required.

The larger the engine size and HP, the thirstier the engine and the greater the draw on fuel. Well designed fuel systems are engineered to deliver sufficient fuel flow through the spectrum of engine speeds. Improper components may reduce fuel flow, and like a dam in a river, everything down stream becomes fuel starved, resulting in a rough running engine. Engines excel with quality fuel components like those made by Racor, Sierra and Attwood.

Filtration is the best protection Crucial to fuel flow is a well maintained fuel filtration system. Properly sized filters should extract contaminants without restricting flow. Marine systems have two stages of filtration, the primary or pre-fuel filter and the secondary, or engine filter.

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But obviously you’ve altered some part of the system, that is a problem particularly at high speed. I also run in the same MD water, and it is grassville!!! I installed a cooling water filter to keep the “spinach” from plugging all those nice little fittings and lines. It has to be cleaned frequently, but I don’t have to worry about my machine being plugged up.

Contents Shown Assembled Customer Service and Technical Support Quick Hook-Up Kit as shown for use with washing machine hose. 1 – Filter 1 – Check valve.

Working on a sequel, depending on the feedback I get from this first chapter. We were coming back into Indian Rocks Beach when we caught sight of a good sized single sail yacht that was evidently in trouble. A short, stocky, balding guy was waving at us, so we pulled closer. Can you call a tow boat for me? Those frigging tow boats charged an arm and a leg. I swear, he was a dead ringer for George on the Seinfeld TV show! No lights, no engine, no fridge, nada.

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They are 2 stroke and require a little more maintenance. The oil tank has to be refilled just like the gas. Winterizing requires removing the spark plugs and pouring a few drops of oil in the cylinders and replacing the plugs, pouring stabilizer in the gas tank, and keeping the battery on a trickle charger and adding distilled water if neccessary. We have had very little trouble out of them.

Replacement of Existing Cable: If possible, find the part number stamped on the plastic jacket of the old cable. If you removed the old cable, measure for the replacement cable as follows: For Rack Steering Cable Replacement, Measure Existing Cable as follows: Measure plastic cable jacket (“Y” dimension shown in above drawing) in inches, add 30″, and round up to next foot.

Bilge pump installation is straightforward, but it is essential not to overlook key details. Mount the pump You must not place the pump in the bilge unrestrained. If it falls over it will suck air and burn out. Pumps must be fastened down. Brackets are available that attach to a stringer or other vertical feature, or you can epoxy a couple of bolts to the bottom of the bilge to serve as mounting studs. Float switches must also be fastened. Bends and long runs also reduce pump output, so make the hose run as straight and as short as possible.

That may mean discharging the pump through the side of the hull rather than through the transom. Place the discharge above the waterline If the discharge is submerged when the pump runs, the ocean siphons back through the pump into the bilge when the pump shuts off. When enough water has entered to float the switch, the pump will eject it, only to have it siphon back again.

This continues until the battery is depleted, then the water floods the boat until it reaches a level that gets the crew’s attention. The discharge fitting must never go below the waterline. If the fitting is through the transom, be sure it is high enough not to submerge when the stern squats. And if it is through the side of the hull, it must be high enough to remain above the water at the deepest angle of heel.

SBT Flush Kits

Everything about it just says upscale style. This watercraft delivers well beyond the looks. This is the same engine the race team uses in competition… and wins.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Service Manuals, Owners Manuals & Repair Manual for Honda Aquatrax, Yamaha Waverunner, Polaris PWC Manuals, Kawasaki Jet Ski, Jet Boats and more.

Set it to Slow. Once you have fruit set, apply 5 lbs. More is not always better! I have killed more with fertilizer, than I have helped! Ask your Local Extension Agent about leaf samples and soil samples. They can also make specific recommendations to your region. Can I use Organic Fertilizer?

Yamaha Waverunner 3 WRA on the hose